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Customs Bonds

Parties wishing to import goods into the United States or engage in import related operations are required to post a surety bond or cash equal to that bond amount with U.S. Customs.

This posting protects the Customs revenue and ensures compliance with the regulations of the United States pertaining to importing and related activities. The best alternative is posting a U.S. Customs Bond (CBP bond). The CBP bond is a multi-purpose document used for a range of activities from importing to operating a bonded warehouse to filing and ISF. The CBP bond can be used to cover importing activities on a single transaction or continuous basis. When the CBP bond is completed for single transactions, it covers only one transaction. When the CBP bond is executed as a continuous bond, it will normally cover all transactions by the principal while the bond is valid.

ACF can place a bond for you quickly so your import transactions are compliant and processed without delay.