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Customs Entries

There are many types of U.S. Customs Entries, as CBP recognizes the many needs and scenarios faced by U.S. importers.

Below is a small list describing some of the more common entries handled by ACF on behalf of our customers. We will work with you to specifically tailor the process to your business needs.

Please see our section covering Duty Drawback to find out more about drawback entries and drawback in general.

T&E Entry - Transportation and Export: Goods shipped under U.S. Customs bond from Port of Unlading in the US (where the goods came into the country) to a second U.S. Port for export.

Warehouse Entry – An entry for goods entering the USA under bond to be temporarily stored in a warehouse without paying duties and/or taxes until either withdrawn for consumption, destroyed or exported.

Consumption Entry – Designed for shipments entering the U.S.A. with a value over $2,500.

TIB – Temporary Import Bond: Goods entering USA temporarily, however the goods are intended for re-export to the originating county.

IT Entries – Immediate Transit: Goods shipped under U.S. Customs bond directly from the initial Port of Unlading in the U.S. to a second U.S. Port, where they may be warehoused, entered for consumption or processed in another manner.

Reconciliation Entries - Reconciliation allows the importer, using reasonable care, to file entry summaries with CBP with the best available information, with the understanding certain elements, such as the declared value, remain outstanding. Once Specifics in question have been determined, the filer or broker files a Reconciliation entry with the updated and final data.